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Inspired by Buddhism and the beauty of Thailand

NAMO is a micro watch brand founded and run entirely by Lewis. NAMO initially began in 2019 with the original watch design drawn by Lewis, before professional 3-D renders were made. After working with a number of manufacturers to ensure excellent quality, we are happy to announce the NAMO GMT is ready! 

Since travelling to Asia in his twenties, Lewis has been passionate about Thailand and the Buddhist culture. We were eager to incorporate these interests into the watch brand and create something unique for a modern explorer of the world. 

Our brand name "NAMO" originated from the first word of an important Thai prayer which shows respect to Buddha. In full, the prayer is 'Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhassa' which translates to 'Honour to the Blessed One, the Exalted One, the fully Enlightened One'. 

When coming up with a brand logo, the Unalome was the symbol of choice. The Unalome depicts the path to

enlightenment and is seen a lot in Buddhist culture.

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